Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I arrange for a tour of a station?

A: Yes, you can call 227-2123 and let us know you are interested. We will work with you to set-up a mutually convenient time, generally between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM.  Tours last about a half hour with attempts made to tailor it to the ages of the children or tour group.  

Q:Can a Fire Engine Come To A Block Party?

A: Yes, if after you get your paperwork back from the town, call us at 227-2123 and let us know you’re interested in having a Fire Truck come to your event.  We will make every effort to accommodate the request; however, emergency calls take precedence.     

Q: Why do fire trucks go on medical calls?

A: On medical calls the fire department provides additional manpower to assist the ambulance crew and the fire department usually arrives first to render basic life support until the ambulance arrives.   Fire trucks go to accidents to ensure that the scene is safe, both for the patients and the crews treating the patients. We utilize squad vehicles to help in controlling repair cost and fuel cost for the larger vehicles.  The Squads also allow us to be ready to respond to many more calls because not all of our personnel are tied up with a fire engine on a medical call.

Q: Why does Monroe Ambulance cover ambulance calls and not the Greece Volunteer Ambulance Service?

A: All ambulance services are required to charge for their services.  We knew that many of our residents did not have ambulance coverage or if they did, they had a very high deductible. In either case, there was to potential for a financial hardship because on ones need for an ambulance. A Request for Proposals (RFP) was put out by the Fire District and Monroe Ambulance was the low bidder for charges one could expect if they had limited or no insurance coverage.  In the Town, Monroe covers both the Ridge Road and Barnard Fire Districts while GVA covers the North Greece and Lake Shore Fire Districts.

Q: Can A Speaker Be Requested For A Local Citizen Group Meeting?

A: Yes, the District has several people who are able to speak on a variety of topics ranging from home exit drills, to fire safety to emergency medical procedures.   To request a speaker you can contact Deputy Chief Bloomer at 453-1202.

Q: What Should I Do When I See An Emergency Vehicle With Lights and Siren Approaching?

A: You should pull to the right and stop.  DO NOT slam on your brakes and stop in the middle of the road.  Make no sudden moves. Do not tailgate, follow an emergency vehicle too closely or try to race ahead of an emergency vehicle attempting to benefit from the traffic cleared by its lights and siren.

Q: My Smoke Alarm Is Going Off But I Don’t See Any Smoke Or A Fire.  What Should I Do?

A: Call 911 and report what you know.

Q: My Smoke Alarm Is Beeping Intermittently. What Should I Do?

A: Change the Battery. If you are unable or you have further concerns, Call 911 and report what you know.

Q: My Carbon Monoxide Alarm Is Activated. What Should I Do?

A: Call 911. If you feel ill, tell the operator, leave the building and await the fire departments arrival.

Q: My Fire Extinguisher Tag Is Out Of Date Or Needs To Be Recharged. What Should I Do?

A: Consult the Yellow Pages. The fire department does not fill nor do we recommend any privately owned companies.

Q: There Is an Animal (Dead or Alive) In My House, Garage or Chimney. What Should I Do?

A: Call 911 and request the Town of Greece Animal Control.

Q: I Want To Test My Fire Alarm and Sprinkler System. Who Should I Notify?

A: Call 911. This should be done before you begin testing and also once you have completed the testing and the system is back in service.

Q: How do I dispose of old paint, oil, gasoline or pharmaceuticals?

A: Call the Ecopark Household Hazardous Waste site, 1779 Mt. Read Blvd. to schedule an appointment or go to

Q: I smell smoke in my house, but I do not see any smoke or fire. What should I do?

A: Call 911 and have everyone in the house or business leave and meet at the designated area that you should have already established.  Take your pets with you.

Q: Do you get cats or other pets out of trees or off utility poles?

A: No. It is best to place the pets’ food in an open container at the base of the tree or pole and wait for the pet to come down on its own.

Q: How do I get a copy of a fire or EMS Report?

A: Call the District Administrator at 453-1208.

Q: If I have a question or concern not covered here, who can I contact?

A: Call the Office of the Fire Chief at 453-1201.