Learn CPR

Each year over 424,000 Americans die from sudden cardiac arrest.  Eighty Eight percent of these will occur at home.

For every minute Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is not performed, a victim's chance of survival drops by 10%.  With early bystander CPR, we can more than double a victim's chance for survival. Survival rates will increase to 86%if the following three steps can be completed within 4 minutes of a Cardiac Arrest:

First CALL 911

Early effective CPR

Use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

First responders need your help!

On average, less than 6% of people will survive a cardiac arrest. However, in Kings County (Greater Seattle), WA, the success rate is 62%.  The difference is Public Education.  That region has excellent community involvement when it comes to bystander CPR.  Many lives have been saved, thanks to CPR being initiated before the arrival of the first responders.  The Ridge Road Fire District wants to see survival rates surpass those cities by providing our community the opportunity to learn how to respond in the event that someone needs CPR / AED.

Residents of the Ridge Road Fire District over the age of 14 years and with the physical ability are welcome to join us for our community American Heart Association BLS CPR/AED program for FREE.  Non-residents are asked to pay a $25 fee.

Classes are held on the Fourth Wednesday of each month with the exception of December.

For more information or to register for a class please CLICK HERE.  CPR Staff can also be contacted by emailing cpr@rrfd.org.

Group Classes Available

If you have a business or large group in need of CPR training, we can set up a class session for you. Please email us at cpr@rrfd.org to get started.

If you have taken a class with us and would like to donate $25 to help offset the cost of the training, please click below.  Thank You.