You may have noticed a new message on the sides of our apparatus.  The words caring, serving, and protecting describe the guiding principles of our personnel and our organization.  Through these concepts, we deliver services to the community quickly, efficiently, and with peoples’ needs first.

“CARING”: To feel or show an interest; to want to do something. The officers and firefighters have an interest in your wants and needs, especially during your time of need when you call us for help.

“SERVING”: As Civil Service employees, our people realize that they are here to serve the needs of our community. To be reliable and trustworthy; our people take these attributes seriously and this administration expects nothing less from them. Some other qualities of service are “to furnish professional services”, “to treat or act towards one in need in a specific way”.

“PROTECTING”: This is all encompassing word. To us it means to protect you from exposure, injury, damage or destruction. Your emergency services plan for events before they strike. From weather events and natural disasters to manmade events or mishaps, contingency plans are in place to allow for an organized and deliberate response to any type of emergency.