About Us

Formed in 1922, the Ridge Road Fire District is responsible for providing fire, rescue, and emergency services to the residents and visitors of the southern portion of Greece, New York.  We staff three stations, 24 hours per day and 7 days a week to serve our community.  Our personnel respond to over 6,000 calls for service annually.  These calls include fires, car accidents, emergency medical calls, hazardous materials responses, and other rescues. 

In addition to responding to emergencies, we participate in several community outreach and public education programs.  These programs allow us to help you help each other and include CPR classes, fire prevention training, and child passenger safety seat inspections.  Additionally, we conduct weekly blood pressure screenings at the Mall at Greece Ridge as well as door-to-door smoke alarm visits.



The Ridge Road Fire District is the only municipal department in New York State to be accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International, CFAI. The District first achieved accreditation in 2005, and again in 2010 and 2015. The district is one of only 259 accredited agencies across the globe.

The CFAI Accreditation process is a self assessment module, that promotes continuous quality  improvement through the use of peer- review, analytic data and consensus national standards.
According to CFAI, Accreditation is an international recognition of achievement. It shows to your community that your agency is performing to industry best practices and is holding itself accountable through an external peer review. 

The Accreditation model includes a comprehensive range of performance evaluation measures across all aspects of the district:

Assessment & Planning

Governance & Administration

Essential Resources

Human Resources

External Systems Relations

Physical Resources

Financial Resources


Goals & Objectives

Training & Competency


Each category includes performance indicators that define the desired level of performance as well as the process to evaluate and document the results. The performance measure are based upon consensus national industry standards such as National Fire Protection Industry, NFPA. 

Under the  Programs heading, the district evaluates each of the service areas it provides or the responses we make:

  • Community Risk Reduction
  • Public Education and Community Outreach
  • Fire Investigation
  • Domestic Preparedness
  • Fire Suppression
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Technical Rescue
  • Hazardous Materials Response

Click Here for more information about CFAI Accreditation.  

ISO Class 2 Rating

In 2017 the Ridge Road Fire District achieved and Insurance Service Organization (ISO) Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating of 2. The district is just one of 20 fire departments in New York state to carry an ISO class 2 rating.

According to ISO, by classifying communities ability to suppress fires ISO helps the communities evaluate their public fire protection services. While Public Protections Classifications is not used to directly set insurance premiums, insurance companies do factor it in when setting their premiums. Generally speaking, a lower PPC rating means lower premiums. 

ISO’s PPC information plays an important part in the decisions insurers make affecting the availability and price or property insurance. In fact, virtually all US insurance companies, including the largest ones, use PPC information in one or more of the following ways:

  • To identify opportunities for writing new business
  • To achieve a reasonable concentration of property risk
  • To review loss experience in carious rating territories
  • To price policies, office coverage and establish deductibles for individual homes and businesses. 

Insurance Companies, not ISO, establish the premiums they charge to policyholders. The methodology a company uses to calculate premiums for property insurance may depend on the company’s fire loss experience, underwriting guidelines and marketing strategy. ISO doesn’t know how each company incorporates the PPC information into its pricing structure, so it is difficult to generalize how an improvement or deterioration in a PPC will affect individual policies.
But here are some general guidelines to help understand the benefits of improved PPC ratings for residents and businesses:
PPC may affect availability and/or pricing for a variety of personal and commercial insurance coverage, including homeowners, mobile home, and commercial property coverage. 
Assuming all other factors are equal, the price of property insurance in a community with a good PPC is lower than in a community with a poor PPC.




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